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​We are sisters who share a passion for Economics. We hope to share our love for economics with more students, helping them develop their understanding of economics from a young age.

Discovering Economics
We were first introduced to economics through our high school's Future Business Leaders of America organization. At the very beginning, we had no previous exposure to economics, but we decided to participate in the Economics objective test event. After months of additional learning, we were able to advance from the district competition, to placing first and second at states. We were given the opportunity to compete at the National Leadership Conference where Melinda placed 6th nationally.  

It wasn't until Sophomore year
of high school that we realized economics combines many models, math, logic, and reasoning, and problem solving into our daily lives. We recognized that not everyone gets the opportunity to learn economics and there are very few opportunities for young students in Elementary and Middle School to explore the field of economics. While there exists many economics textbooks for high-school students and adults, children-friendly economics materials are rarely seen.

We wanted to create an opportunity for young students to learn economics, and

J & M Sunrizon Economics was founded.

Janet Liu


Melinda Liu

Our Story

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